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About Us

  1. To examine the geographic condition of the tourist destinations located in Sudurpashchim and enlist them online.

  2. To aware the communities in Sudurpashchim about the tourist destinations and involve them in the advertisement of their locality.

  3. To encourage the advertisement of tourist destinations in Sudurpashchim Province through the central level and make the campaign Visit Sudurpashchim worthwhile.


Program Details:

  1. Make a (20-25)minute video corrugating the tourism area of all the nine districts which would play an important role in developing tourism area.
  2. Develop a website ( after identifying the tourism area in Sudurpashchim where all the related details will be included.
  3. All the routes for reaching the tourism destinations will be kept on the website which will facilitate the tourists to reach their destinations easily and hence promotes and encourages them to travel more often.
  4. Appeal to Province Government for allowing to do the program in collaboration with Tourism Ministry of Sudurpashchim province.
  5. Conduct different programs in Sudurpashchim Province, considering the possibility of tourism in Sudurpashchim by discussing with the people involved in the tourism industry.
  6. Develop an optimistic view about homestay amongst the youths and conduct homestay programs.
  7.  In presence of Province Government, ……… the Tourism Ministry and promote the video made by gathering the tourist destinations and the website
  8. This campaign initiated by the Nepal Youth Council shall be sustainable.
  9. We believe our campaign shall play an important role in developing tourism in Sudurpashchim. Therefore, everyone is requested to join this campaign.
  10.  We further inform you that, we are preparing for Provincial Youth Conference 2019 with the participation of around 200 youths from Sudurpashchim Province.
  11. There will be about 2000 high definition photos of tourist destinations in Sudurpashchim.


We are going to collect funds from different processes. We hope support from the government and will try our level best to collect funds from private sectors as well. In addition, we can post an advertisement on the websites and in the coming days we can rebuild the website from the revenues collected from the advertisement. If there is any possibility of generating higher revenue then the amount shall be invested in conducting different programmes in the promotion of tourism in Sudurpashchim.


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